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  • Shoubin Jia Yu

Researchers to Investigate Non-Drug Treatments for Chronic Back Pain

Look no further. We here at Yu Dayi Chinese Medicine Clinic know a lot about non-drug treatments for chronic back pain. Our clinic specializes in pain and pain relief. We have treated thousands of patients with chronic back pain, and other pain related problems. Our methods are highly effective in treating acute and chronic back pain, and we do our best to minimize the amount of treatments required for relief. Each patient's body is different and treatment results vary, however, immediate relief is typically felt during the initial treatment. These results far out weigh any drug or surgical approach and we hope further research can be conducted in this area of our expertise so that greater awareness can be made to the general public. Yet, sometimes the solutions we seek have already been developed, we simple need to become aware of them.

We are proud to see that the University of Michigan was awarded $14 million to further research further solutions to this chronic pain problem that plagues many Americans. We encourage the professors heading the research to investigate the effectiveness of Acupuncture.

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