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Pediatric TCM Massage Class

Parents - is your baby not feeling well and leaving you Feeling Helpless and Overwhelmed?


Stuck in self quarantine during this Covid-19 Pandemic? 

Afraid to take your child to urgent care or the hospital? 

Told to stay at home by your MD?

Covid-19 Symptom Management

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Perhaps you’re dealing with one of these issues….


Night Time Crying, Colicky Baby? 

None of the advice is truly helping.

Doctors say they’ll just grow out of it...


Unrelenting Fever?

None of the medications are lowering the

temperature. Medical exams came back normal. 

I don’t want to keep giving my baby more meds.

Was it the vaccine they just received? 


Recurrent Colds or Flu? Worried about lack of

treatments for Covid-19 symptoms?

Can’t give your kid antibiotics for a virus. 

A vaccine is will take a long time to develop.

Lots of misinformation circulating. 

Colds keeps coming back. 

You're told “it’s normal, they’re children.” 

Not much you can do, they’ll grow out of it...


Pink Eye? (Conjunctivitis) 

Uncomfortable giving your child antibiotics.

Unable to see a doctor or don't have access to a pharmacy.



    Incredibly Frustrating.


But actually,

         These are signs of a weak immune system that is still developing. And if not supported can lead to further health complications down the road. 


Did you know you can help your child, right now, with your own hands by learning simple Tuina massage techniques? 


If you’re wondering what you can do about it


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Tuina 4 Kids - Yu Dayi Method


Simple Tuina Massage techniques for Reducing a Child’s Fever, Treating Colic, and Fighting Colds & Flus. 

  • Support your child’s immune system naturally. 

  • Ancient Techniques for our Modern World. 

  • Evidence Based Medicine. Time Tested.


I’m Anthony DiSalvo, a CA licensed acupuncturist & father to Isabella (8yrs) creator of an educational online Pediatric TCM Tuina massage course called “Tuina 4 Kids.” 


Master Jia Yu is the founder of the Yu Dayi Method which dates back to the 15th century. He has been practicing TCM for over 30 years. 

Our courses will be demonstrating acu-pressure techniques to promote health and support the immune system. Our mission is to empower parents with their kids health, using natural and safe methods that you can do anywhere anytime.

TCM = Traditional Chinese Medicine / Tuina = Chinese medical massage


Benefits of Tuina Massage

  1. Boost your child’s immune system

  2. Reduce a fever within minutes

  3. Support their digestive health

  4. Help infants to feel calm and sleep better (Parents too) 

  5. Fight Cold & Flu symptoms naturally. Stop Recurrent Colds. 

  6. Promotes bonding

  7. Setting up your child for a healthier future


I’ve been where you are, a parent scrambling to help their sick child in the middle of the night, rushing to the Pediatrician, sleepless nights etc...  


I too was a “sick baby,” born 2 months premature & incubated for several weeks. Modern medicine saved my life. Yet, it didn't help me to thrive. I grew up with lung problems, environmental allergies, allergic to dairy and gluten and chronic constipation until adulthood. 


It's all manageable, thanks to TCM & Tuina.


Not only do I know the struggle as a Parent and as the Child, I know of viable medical solutions. 


Don’t waste any more time struggling with your child’s health. 

Take control now. 

Educate yourself.

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