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Anthony DiSalvo, LAc. MSOM
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Acupuncture License

Anthony DiSalvo AC 18694

Yu Dayi Chinese Medicine Clinic

17203 Ventura Blvd. Ste 2

Encino, CA 91316

Carrying on The Yu Dayi Chinese Medicine Lineage

Anthony is a TCM Physician & California board certified Acupuncturist. He has been apprenticing with Master Shoubin Jia Yu for 6 years with interdisciplinary training involving martial arts, tuina, acupuncture and custom Chinese herbal formulas.

While attending the Master's program at Dongguk University, LA, he worked at Yu Dayi Chinese Medicine Clinic for 4 years with an additional 1,500 hrs of clinical observation of the Yu Family method.

Anthony now operates the Yu Dayi Chinese Medicine Clinic in Encino, CA. He is also a traditional martial arts and qi gong practitioner of 17 years. His extensive training had been under Master Wang Rengang in New York since 2005, for Plum Blossom Praying Mantis, Dachenquan & Xin Yi. It was Master Wang who introduced him to his kung fu brother Master Yu, and as we say, the rest is history.


Through dedicated studying of martial arts Anthony was slowly introduced to Chinese medicine and tuina methods in order to help fix up all the bumps and bruises that go along with training rigorously. Qi Gong training is required and is an integral part of the Yu Family method.

His journey with health issues and the desire to find a holistic way towards recovery lead him towards TCM. It was through this process of naturally overcoming his lifelong issues with environmental and food allergies, mental deficits and weak immune system which ultimately brought him to study under Master Yu. He now wishes to pass on what he learns to his patients and community.

As a result of benefiting from the tuina training and helping his own daughter, Anthony conducts ongoing pediatric TCM massage classes for parents & kids, teaching how to utilize Chinese massage to overcome illness and prevent the onset of acquired diseases. It truly is amazing to watch a child thrive when their health is more balanced.

In an effort to have a more positive influence on the health care industry Anthony & Jia have been working to help support nurse health and wellness over the past couple of years, in collaboration with the Nurse's Union of Southern California. Theses amazing people work tirelessly to care for their patients even at the expense of their own health.


The Yu Dayi team has provided CEU lectures on TCM topics and group treatments for pain relief during Nurse's Week events for UNAC/UHCP, Physical Therapist hospital directors, and topics in fertility and post-partum depression and post-partum pain issues for the Midwives Association.

We continue to provide care for nurses at our clinic locations and further educational programs that involve Care 4 Caregivers. Any inteerested medical groups are welcome to contact us for collaboration.

Jia Yu Acupuncture Techniques

Jia Yu Acupuncture Techniques

Jia Yu, LAc providing group acupuncture treatment for nurses employed at Kasier Hospital South Bay to relieve pain. Immediate pain relief.

CEU Lecture on Acupuncture

CEU Lecture on Acupuncture

Anthony DiSalvo, LAc presenting CEU content to nurses from Kaiser Hospital South Bay on Acupuncture topics for pain relief, and opioid alternatives.



Jia Yu & Anthony DiSalvo supporting nurses at Kaiser South Bay. Providing CEU content on Acupuncture for pain relief, and group treatments.

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