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  • Shoubin Jia Yu

Acupuncture Supporting “Long Covid” Recovery

Case Report: Supporting acupuncture methods assisting recovery from sequela of corona virus infection.

This video testimonial is showing a patient after receiving acupuncture July 2021. A 26 year old male patient, Olympic decathlon athlete, got sick with COVID-19 last month in June. He recovered from the virus infection but continued to have lingering symptoms. He presented to the clinic with chest tightness, shortness of breathe, and a burning sensation in the chest and throat.

With the first insertion of needle point Yin Tang (Hall of Impression, EX-HN3), the patient felt 75% better and half of his throat pain decreased. Additional needling points on the left and right thenar eminence of the palm were applied, whereupon his chest and throat felt substantially better. Other essential acupuncture points were added during the session to move qi and blood, clear excess and relieve pain.

After a 1 hour acupuncture session all symptoms resolved.


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