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What is the Covid-19 related MIS-C in Children?

Understanding Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C)

It is important to inform your doctor if your child has the following symptoms: Fever + Abdominal complaints (pain + vomiting/diarrhea). Children may be ill-appearing (irritable, dehydrated, not very interactive, etc..)

Not all symptoms are related to covid-19, which is why contacting your doctor to discuss them is important.

Most children cases in the hospital have been reported with 4 or more days of persistent fever with abdominal complaints and some had conjunctivitis (pink-eye or blood shot eyes), shortness of breathe, body rash, and/or headache/irritability.

Apart from calling your doctor what else can you do to help your child?

TCM has effective methods at addressing inflammatory symptoms in the body. Tuina, Chinese medical massage is utilized to help children reduce their symptoms.

We do not advocate nor suggest performing any of the tuina on your child in place of seeking personal medical care and consultation.

Tuina massage is effective at reducing inflammation in the body, following the same principles in acupuncture. It is by stimulating specific acu-points on the body that correlate with clearing heat symptoms in the body.

There are specific areas on the child's body for clearing heat from each vital organ. We demonstrated in our tuina video the methods used to address inflammation in the body, balance digestive disruptions, clear a fever and support the immune system.

Strengthening the immunes system is the first step in helping a child have a stronger chance at fighting off a virus. The primary method of supportive treatment, in the hospital setting, for this complication of covid-19 is giving a child steroids or anti-inflammatory medication. The sooner a person can start tuina to help to decrease the viral load by clearing heat and inflammation the better chances a child will have. If anything, this can buy time until you have to go to a hospital for urgent care.

What happens after your child is discharged from the hospital following a positive case of MIS-C due to Covid-19?

Children are being monitored for several weeks following their hospital stay. It is still unknown what complications arise after suffering MIS-C. There may be some heart value damage or other complications in vital organs. Further research needs to be done.

Helpful therapy a child can be given is through tuina massage to support their recovery period. The massage stimulates blood flow to the vital organs and continue to help the body with repair. Children heal quickly but still need a push in the right direction. Why not be proactive with your child's care and not solely rely on waiting it out?

Looking for more personal care for your child? We offer telehealth consults to California residents and international countries.

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We are also available for pediatric treatments in our Encino Clinic.

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