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How has traditional Chinese medicine helped China fight COVID-19?

Updated: May 22, 2020

This is a very good exposé on the pivotal role Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has played in the fight against Covid-19 in China. It also sheds light on how integrative care can benefit the western medical community in their efforts to care for patients in other countries.

The video explains the integrative efforts of the medical teams in Wuhan and how by incorporating Chinese herbal medicine into the care for patients with Covid-19 has help reduce the rates of fatalities.

What is also important to note are the cost savings that integrative medical efforts with TCM herbal medicine and acupuncture can provide when it comes to the medical care of patients suffering from covid-19 symptoms. This particularly relates to helping in preventing an overload of necessity to intubate patients and utilize ventilators to keep patients alive. By intervening with TCM herbal medicine the medical community can lower the rates of ICU patients and the need for expensive hospital care, which typically includes very long durations of care that are required to recover in the hospitals (sometimes 4-6 weeks).

The additional benefit with TCM herbal medicine integration into our current health care system can help patients prevent or lower hospitalization rates due to mild symptoms of covid-19 progressing to severe respiratory distress or other health complications such as MIS-C (Pediatric Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome).

There are many qualified TCM physicians and herbalists in the United States that can contribute in the fight against covid-19. They have experience treating patients with pneumonia in hospital settings; which involves clearing symptoms of fluid build up in the lungs, reducing fever and inflammation, dispersing blot clotting and supporting the body's recovery process. Equally important, TCM doctors are trained to know about the interactions, risks factors, of western pharmaceutical drugs when prescribing the herbs inside formulas. If you wish to be connected with any of these TCM doctors in the US, please email us at

A Yu Dayi Chinese Medicine, we have been providing telehealth services for covid-19 positive patients or those suspecting symptoms. We provide risk assessment over the phone, prescribe actionable measures such as drinking hot water, steam inhalation, along with acupressure and tuina techniques, assist with stress management and check in on patients twice daily. The sooner we are able to help patients reduce and clear symptoms the slower the progression of the virus in the body. This gives more time for the body to fight off the virus, therefore, we are able to help reduce the need for patient hospitalization due to complications of covid-19.

If you are interested to learn more about how TCM can help you and your health needs,

We provide a Covid-19 7-day telehealth program for symptom management and personalized Chinese herbal formulas.

Since April we have been helping frontline workers, nurses in particular, with preventative herbal formulas to strengthen their lungs, improve energy and support their immune system. While none of the herbal formulas prevent a person from contracting the virus, the herbs help the body strengthen its immune system response so it can fight off the virus in the body a lot easier.

For patients with covid-19 symptoms and those who had tested positive, they were supplied a personalized herbal formula based on their symptoms while taking into consideration their pre-existing conditions. The herbal formulas address covid-19 symptoms and any other health issues the patient had already been dealing with; a very important factor in the successful care of a patient.

Post ICU recovery is another area TCM can help patients in the road to recovery. Chinese herbal medicine can help with pulmonary fibrosis, a complicating of fluid build up in the lungs resulting in tissue damage. The herbs assist in cellular repair by promoting blood circulation in the pleural space and address blood clotting issues.

There is also the psycho-emotional damage that occurs from being isolated for long periods of time and Chinese herbs and acupuncture can help nourish the body and brain to facilitate a speeder recovery process and help manage PTSD symptoms. There are herbal formulas to helps calm the spirit, reduce the stress reactions in the body, nourish the heart and assist in helping reduce sleep disorders such as insomnia.

We can get through this by working together.

We endorse the TCM content from this news exposé. We are independent and not compensated for any information shared in this article. We have provided our professional medical opinion based solely on Traditional Chinese Medicine standards.

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