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  • Shoubin Jia Yu

Free Covid-19 Pediatric Tuina Massage Protocol

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Discover how to help alleviate Covid-19 symptoms in your child and strengthen their immune system so you can better care for them at home or help them recover in the hospital.

Do you know you can reduce your child’s fever, reduce a sore throat, strengthen the lungs, alleviate diarrhea or constipation, strengthen the immune system by applying tuina style of massage on specific areas (acupuncture point locations) on the body?

Do you ever wonder what other effective medical options there are to help your child?

Most of our children have been spared by the attacks of this new virus, but not all. Children with compromised immune systems are most vulnerable.

We wish to help the children of the world.

Watch our free video for the entire massage protocol. Press play and follow along.

Very helpful for parents who have been asked to stay home and ride it out.

Resourceful techniques for health care workers such as nurses in pediatric departments, neonate units or pediatricians. Add to their treatment protocols. taking care of children.

We have setup an online learning platform for pediatric tuina medical massage content.

Visit our website to learn more...

Tuina medical massage is one of the four pillars of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a time tested evidenced based medicine. The techniques work by stimulating specific areas of the body that induce the natural physiological responses in the body.

A child responds very quickly and you will see changes while you are performing the massages.

We created these two free videos for parents and health care workers to follow along as they help their children. Simply press play and copy what we do.

This does not harm your child in any way and is safe in the hospital setting as well. Safe for all ages, even neonates.

Our first video is a compilation of the 5 essential Tuina massage techniques to bring your child out of a dangerous health state.

The full video includes all 8 techniques to perform with your child in order to benefit from the full effects of the medical massage.

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