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Care for Caregivers - Supporting Nurses with TCM

Updated: May 29, 2020

What does good health mean to you?

I don't know about you but I can tell you what it means to me. It involves having good energy, enough to sustain me for the day no matter how grueling work is or what challenges I face at home. It means having good digestion, enjoying the foods I like and properly assimilating what I eat to fuel my body adequately. It involves restful sleep, waking up feeling fresh (even if you worked a hellish week). Lastly, my mood is more balanced and my mind is clear enough to handle outside stressors and make critical decisions.

It takes regular care and attention to sustain a healthy lifestyle. But it doesn't have to be complicated. It's a lot simpler than one thinks. Natural healthcare methods exist to help us regain our health and manage our pain. If we can address the source of pain sooner than later this helps to avoid chronic health issues. If it's already chronic, there are methods to help regain a quality of life.

There are simple techniques to help us along the way that can become daily rituals of effective self-care. The trick is knowing which methods work that actually give results. This is our goal, empowering you with knowledge and tools so that you can be in more control of your health. Knowing your medical options is important.

Testimonial, "I am a certified nurse midwife and have been practicing for 17 years.  After all my years of practice I have tendinitis in my thumbs, wrists and elbows from overuse.  I saw Dr. Jai to help me with the pain and to finally get to the bottom of my injuries.  Traditional medicine has failed to help me with the cause of my injuries as well as a way to actually FIX the problem. I have seen him once and my pain is nearly gone!  I am so excited to have met him and can't wait to see him again!!"

How TCM & Acupuncture Helps

Over the past few years, Yu Dayi Chinese medicine has been assisting nurses with pain management. We have been participating with California's nurses and healthcare professionals union, UNAC/UHCP, in an effort to help treat nurses for their pain and educate about the benefits of integrating TCM into their own health care plans.

For example, at nurses week events for Kaiser South Bay, we provided treatments to large groups of nurse's within a few hour session. Many of the issues treated had been lingering for some time. Their pain was relieved entirely or reduced significantly for them right on the spot. Some pain issues were due to internal chronic issues and required more regular care to restore balance. This type of care should be accessible to nurses all the time, not every now and then.

Backbone of Health Industry

Nurses represent the backbone of the health industry. We need a healthy and strong backbone. Nurses need our support while working in the trenches. The high stress situations they face daily can leave a nurse feeling overwhelmed or burnout. We've got your back.

Healthcare Paradigm Shift

What if nurses could be provided a complimentary form of health care? I am suggesting a non-invasive approach to not only relieving pain but healing from the inside out. Methods of care that look to the root of the problem and not simple treating the symptoms. I am speaking about the integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in the routine care for nurses.

It is important for a nurse to feel better and be in control of their life. This has a positive trickle down effect to all aspect of their life and especially towards patient care. It is equally important for a nurse to be able to regain their health when an unforeseen illness or work injury arises. Nurses need a different type of support in maintaining optimal health for their jobs because what is currently being provided is not enough.

TCM Support during Covid-19

Over the past couple of months we have provided telemedicine care and personalized Chinese herbal medicine to frontline workers caring for covid-19 positive patients or had tested positive themselves.. We provided a 7-14 day telehealth monitoring system to provide risk assessment, track symptoms, and provide actionable methods to reduce symptoms such as fever, back pain, cough, congestion, chest tightness, stress and anxiety. The herbal formulas were personalized per patient to not only include defense against the onslaught of the virus but also support the underlying health condition of the person (pre-existing conditions).

One testimonial included, "Good morning, I made it three days without a fever! And I finally had energy yesterday!! I still have a cough but I feel so much better overall. Thank you so much for getting me through the scariest time of my life!"
Additional testimonial, "I am a R.N. who presented with cold symptoms. Because of the COVID pandemic, I can't take symptoms lightly...For the past few days out of precaution, I've been on self quarantine to protect my family.... I have been working with Licensed Acupuncturist Anthony DiSalvo from Yu Dayi Chinese Medicine in Encino. He has helped me tremendously with my symptoms. He was able to accurately assess the stage of my infection, treat it, prevent upper respiratory illness from progressing and reverse the infection, all through telemedicine. He works with Master Yu, and is able to offer specially prepared herbal medication which can be delivered by mail, or can be picked up at the Encino office. He also educates on acupressure points to strengthen the immune system. I'm happy to say that my symptoms improved in a much shorter time span than my usual cold, and that I'll be able to see my family very soon! Thank you Anthony and Master Yu

The nurses we cared for recovered without hospitalization and were cleared to return to work after our care. They felt stronger and more confident returning back to work tending to other patients in the ER, Med/Surg unit or ICU. They were greatly needed in their departments.

Additionally, we have been providing high risk health workers with Chinese herbal formulas. The formulas are specially designed to strengthen the immune system, strengthen the respiratory system, improve blood circulation and give the body energy. The report back from those taking the formulas is that it is providing better energy for them during the day and they are feeling more confident at work.

*Disclaimer: as these are anecdotal accounts, it cannot be applied to every person, every situation nor imply that Chinese herbal medicine prevents contraction of covid-19 or attacks the virus. It does not."

Our Continued Support

We are here to help our nurses regain their health both physically and mentally. We know it is so important for them to feel better right away and get back to their duties. It is important not to mask one's symptoms with medications nor push through the pain. You're well being is our well being. A healthy "backbone" needs regular maintenance, proper nourishment and above all pain relief at the root cause.

Looking to regain your health, feel better and get back in control.

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