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To Wear a Mask, or Not to Wear a Mask?

Updated: May 31, 2020

The data is mixed in the media and from scientific studies regarding this topic.

In a recent Frobes article there is a helpful breakdown of the various social topics and issues over wearing a mask in public or not. They include some scientific data links inside.

What do we advise our patients?

Please wear a mask.

It is important to help decrease the spread of the virus towards others. It helps to increase your protection from water droplets lingering in the air, whether due to a recently coughing/sneezing person that was in your pathway or another source.

The goal is to lower the risk of transmission and infection. We do understand that it is not 100% preventative. There is always a risk of transmission no matter what.

Remember, there is a high rate of transmission due to cross contamination as well.

For example, touching objects in a store and touching your phone repeatedly, which is touching your face. Do you wash your hands inbetween those moments? Do you clean your phone repeatedly throughout the day when you behave in this way?

Please be mindful of your behavior because it not only effects you but other as well. Follwo CDC guidelines for washing hands and sanitizing the environment you are working in or living in.

Be Safe Everyone. Be Smart. Be Kind.

A Yu Dayi Chinese Medicine, we have been providing telehealth services for covid-19 positive patients or those suspecting symptoms. We provide risk assessment over the phone, prescribe actionable measures such as drinking hot water, steam inhalation, along with acupressure and tuina techniques, assist with stress management and check in on patients twice daily. The sooner we are able to help patients reduce and clear symptoms the slower the progression of the virus in the body. This gives more time for the body to fight off the virus, therefore, we are able to help reduce the need for patient hospitalization due to complications of covid-19.

If you are interested to learn more about how TCM can help you and your health needs,

We provide a Covid-19 7-day telehealth program for symptom management and personalized Chinese herbal formulas.

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